30Days3Characters: Day 19-Benjamin Sisko

This week is all about television. I will be highlighting seven characters from TV who I love, and why I love them. This was probably the hardest category for me to limit to just seven. Maybe it’s sad, but I have seen so much TV and love so much TV. It was a huge part of my childhood and adolescence. In any case, when we talk about TV, there is only one place where I can start.

Benjamin Sisko

Benjamin Sisko

Benjamin Sisko

After the tragic loss of his wife at the battle at Wolf 359, Benjamin Sisko needed to get away from traveling the stars. He spent some time back on Earth before accepting the command of Deep Space Nine, a newly acquired space station in Bajoran space. It had been occupied until recently by the Cardassians, and was now being jointly run by the federation and the Bajorans. It was supposed to be quiet and calm, a perfect place for families. Exactly what Sisko wanted. Until they discovered the worm hole.

Why Benjamin Sisko?

When my wife and I got married, it is probably safe to say that she little to nothing about most of the fandoms I was a a part of. She had heard of most of them, but that was it. Star Trek was no exception. She had never really watched any of it, and was barely familiar with any of the characters or the overall story. She had no problem with me liking it, she just didn’t know anything about it.

A few years ago, we sat down and started watching Deep Space Nine. I don’t know why we picked that one. I think it was one that I enjoyed quite a bit as a kid, and we had tried with no success to watch TNG. I wouldn’t say she was hooked from the first episode, but she liked it, and we continued watching it until we had made it through all seven seasons. And my wife loved it. This was the first Star Trek she watched all the way through, and to be honest, it may be the only one.

Part of what we enjoyed together, a big part, was Benjamin SIsko. She liked that he was a good leader and a good father. I liked that too. The whole relationship between Ben and his son meant a lot more to me now that I was a father as well. The crew on DS9 was like a family and I think she enjoyed that too. After watching it with her, I love this series more than the others out there. A lot of that has to do with Benjamin Sisko. That’s why I love Benjamin Sisko.

30 Days 30 Characters

This series has been a lot of fun to put together and write. It has been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed being on the blog more regularly, and I am hoping to keep that up through the end of this year and throughout next year. I don’t know that I will do a theme every month, but I do know that we will see 30 Days 30 Characters return some time next year. Hopefully everyone is ok with that. Below is the complete list from last week, the them of which was movies.

Princess Leia

Napoleon Dynamite


Marty McFly


Darth Vader

Indiana Jones

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