The fourth episode of The Acolyte dropped yesterday evening, and after watching it a couple of times, here’s my review. The series has shown promise in some areas but has been disappointing in others, which isn’t uncommon for a first season. My expectations were high given other Star Wars series like The Mandalorian, although I’ve also been let down before (like with The Book of Boba Fett). Still, I’m hopeful. I want The Acolyte to succeed, and with four episodes left, there’s potential for epic Star Wars action and storytelling.

Let me be clear—my criticisms aren’t about lore changes or character relationships. The Star Wars universe evolves, and inconsistencies are part of its history. Remember when Obi-Wan mentioned Yoda training him? Then Qui-Gon Jinn appeared as Obi-Wan’s actual master. These franchises grow over decades, and it’s natural.

Now onto the latest episode, “Day.” It picks up from the second episode with Kelnacca on the planet Khofar, returning to his crashed ship home. The scene sets an ominous tone with symbols on his walls and eerie music. We then shift to Coruscant, where Padawans train in lightsaber combat under watchful eyes. Osha is torn, wanting to leave, but also recognizing something must be done about Mae. Meanwhile, Varnestra and Sol strategize on how to handle Mae, hinting at deeper mysteries.

Mae and Qimir arrive on Khofar, seeking Kelnacca. Mae is still on her quest to kill the four Jedi who came to her planet when she was a girl. And of course, she has to kill one of them without any weapons.. As Jedi converge on Khofar, a race ensues to find Mae and Kelnacca, setting the stage for conflict.

The episode felt short but also slow-paced, with frequent shifts between groups making it hard to follow. It teases more than it reveals, which can be frustrating. Despite this, there’s a sense that the story is building towards something significant. There are a couple of performances that stand out, particularly by Lee Jung-jae as Sol and Manny Jacinto as Qimir. Sol’s depth and emotional journey stand out, while Qimir remains an intriguing character thanks to Jacinto’s portrayal.

Overall, “Day” marks a step in the right direction after the uneven “Destiny,” yet I still crave more substance. I’m cautiously optimistic about where The Acolyte is heading, hoping future episodes capitalize on its potential. For me, this was a 3-star episode, an improvement from earlier installments.

The first four episodes of The Acolyte are now streaming on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Tuesday evening.

The Acolyte Episode 4 – Day
Jake Dietz
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