30Days30Characters: Day 14- Rey

Not really on purpose, but I have a few Star Wars characters featured this week. I know I emphasized that I wanted a diversity of characters from a wide selection of films on this list this week, and now I am doing my second Star Wars character. I’`ll be honest, with the Last Jedi coming out in about a month, I kind of have Star Wars on the brain. Plus, there are a lot of really great characters in the Star Wars Universe. I probably could have done a list of 30 characters all from Star Wars, so two or three isn’t that bad, really.




One of the biggest mysteries in the new Star Wars trilogy is who Rey is and how she’s related to the other characters in the Star Wars films. At least one of her parents was a force wielder, that’s why she is so powerful in the force. Who that parent was is what is unknown, but the theories abound. That’s what I love about being a geek and having the internet. There is an outlet for countless fan theories in any genre or franchise. It’s what we used to always do with our friends, but now we can share it with the whole world.

In the case of Rey, I am partial to the Kenobi theory. At first, I was totally on board with her being Luke’s daughter or maybe even Han and Leia’s daughter. However, over the last couple of years, seeing how the Star Wars universe has evolved in Star Wars Rebels and other media, I am not so sure. The Kenobi theory is the most interesting to me now, and I am hoping we find out in The Last Jedi, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they wait until episode IX. The good news is we only have to wait another month to find out. The bad news is we have to wait another month.

Why Rey?

She’s a hero. Sometimes a character may be a reluctant hero. Not Rey. She was born to be a hero. Throughout The Force Awakens,she is throwing herself into danger to help other people over and over. She makes it clear whenever Finn tries to take her hand that she doesn’t need rescuing. Rey fearlessly pilots the Millennium Falcon to escape the First Order. She stands toe to toe with Kylo Renn. Plain and simple, she is a hero.

Some people might say she is a Mary Sue because she effortlessly does all this stuff. I disagree. She wasn’t really good at any of it. She uses the force and it’s clear she’s powerful, but she is also fumbling around in it. She doesn’t really know what she’s doing. When she flies the Falcon for the first time, she is as amazed as anyone else that they survive. She had no idea what she was doing, and it showed. I think people confuse her willingness to do things and try things, even if she fails, as her being super capable. She’s not. She’s just not afraid to try. That’s why I love Rey.

30 Days 30 Characters

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