I love Spider-Man. For a long time he has been my favorite Marvel character. He’s not the strongest, smartest, or most powerful, but he just seems like the most relatable. He is the average Joe in a world full of super powerful beings. He has felt like the tie between me, the little guy, and the rest of the Marvel Universe. Out of all the versions of Spider-Man we have seen on the big screen, this version seems to most embody everything I love about the character.

Spider-Man taking it easy

Spider-Man is just a normal kid trying to do the right thing. In the comics he grows up to be just a normal guy trying to do the right thing with his powers. It’s not always easy, and he carries the weight of the world with him whenever something does not go right. He gets caught up with major powers like the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, and whenever he does, he is totally overwhelmed, but ends making a bigger difference than he thought he could.

Don’t we all feel that way sometimes? There are so many points in my life where I feel overwhelmed, feel like I fall short, and mainly, I’m just trying to do the right thing. I don’t always feel l measure up to the people I am around, and whenever I mess up I feel that weight. I think most of us do. In the end, we are probably making more of a positive difference than we thought. 

Tom Holland, as Spider-Man, embodies all of that. More than previous incarnations of the character, he seems to personify everything Peter Parker and Spider-Man have always been.He is not over-confident, he is not overly powerful. He is learning and he is making mistakes and all of it is awesome. So let’s break down my reaction. Read on to see my Good, my Bad, and my final verdict on the film.

Spider-Man crawling up walls


Spider-Man: Homecoming-The Good

If I could sum up the good with one word, it would be the characters. Yes the story was good, and thankfully they stayed away from the full origin story. There was no radioactive spider anywhere in the film, and it barely gets a mention by Ned and Peter. And that was exactly right. But, more than anything, the characters made this film because they all felt right. From Aunt Mae to Flash, the characters were just right. There were a few highlights, though.

I think I have to start with Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. Tom Holland is Peter Parker, and he is also Spider-Man. For the first time, one actor has pulled of both identities to perfection. He is a believable high school kid, and he has all the awkwardness and insecurities I remember from high school. As Spider-Man we got all the wit and humor Spidey fans love. He needs to play this character for as long as they have him in the MCU. They may eventually move on from Peter Parker’s Spider-Man (Miles Morales is hinted at in this film), and that’s when Holland is allowed to stop playing Spider-Man.

Michael Keaton is like a fine wine. He is getting better with age. I mean, from what I understand about fine wines. I really have no idea. In any case, Keaton is brilliant in this film. I was unsure about the idea of having the Vulture as the big bad in this film. I’ve never really cared much for the character. This character, as he was written and played by Keaton was perfect for this story. Perfect. Her may be my favorite MCU villain. Let’s be honest, his only real competition is Loki. Best villain yet.

The supporting cast was fantastic. From Ned and his undying loyalty to his best friend to Michelle and her quirky, and perfectly timed quips, each character in the supporting cast was great. Flash is a bully for the 21st century. He wasn’t some jock who picked on the nerds, he was just a real jerk who picked on everyone not as cool as him. He was played to perfection. Mae was a younger, hipper version of Peter’s aunt, and it worked well. They all worked well and had great chemistry.


Spider-Man: Homecoming- The Bad

There is not a lot to  choose from for the bad, I’ll be honest. The film had way more good than bad, but I feel like there were still some things that I did not like. By no means am I saying this was an awful film, but more on that in the final verdict. Mostly, these were just a couple of things I did not care for in the film. As much.

His suit. I know I might get some heat for this, but it’s ok. I didn’t like the suit he had coming from Stark and having all the tech in it. I do like that the tech it had was mostly a call back to tech Spidey has had in the comics, but I just didn’t like that he had so much of it in his suit. It was almost like his suit was the source of most of his powers, like Iron Man, but that has not been the case in the comics. Yes, Parker comes up with a lot of great gadgets in the comics, but he doesn’t usually rely so much on his tech. I wish there was just less of it. It is a very minor complaint, though.

I am not a Tony Stark fan anyway, but in this film he was just kind of a jerk. A lot of his redeeming charm and lovableness just was not there. I don’t know if it was the writing, or if RDJ was just phoning in the performance, it just was probably my least favorite part of the movie. Maybe it is just because secretly, I am hoping Peter eventually makes the jump to Team Cap. Again, this probably has more to do with me than anything else, but this is my reaction to the film. Anyway,there you go.


Spider-Man: Homecoming- The Verdict

It’s pretty simple: GO SEE IT. This is the Spider-Man film that Spider fans have been waiting for. It is good to have Spider-Man home in the MCU with the rest of the Marvel family, and this film makes me excited to see where they take the character. This is a must see, must buy film for me. I loved it, my kids loved it. It was pretty family friendly and not over the top with violence or crudeness, which Spider-Man should be. Overall, great film. Go see it.

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  1. Thank you for not having any spoilers! Now I’m even more excited to see it.


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