Here it is, the much-anticipated follow-up to Monday’s episode- this part 2 of my MCU countdown. This is where you can find out which movie I have listed at number 1. For those that know me, it probably isn’t a huge surprise. I have talked about this movie a lot. I have even been a guest on another podcast to discuss this movie. It isn’t just my favorite MCU movie, it’s one of my favorite movies. Period.

In my opinion, Marvel has never done better than Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The story is solid, the characters and actors are great, it is almost perfect, in my opinion. The first time I ever saw the film, it immediately jumped up to my number one spot, and it has been there ever since.

Each time I see the film, I get something new out of it. Which I think is pretty great, to be honest. It makes it interesting every time, which is a tough thing for a movie to accomplish. This developed my favorite character even more, defined how Cap would fit in the 21st century, what his place would be. That’s pretty great. The First Avenger established how he came to be, but he has missed the last 70 years. How will he adapt? Where will he fit? This answers that question.

And it wasn’t just the story or the action or the acting. The music was pretty great too. The anthemy theme from the first film is gone, and in its place is a darker, edgy theme that immediately puts you on the edge of your seat, and the movie never lets you sit back.

There is a lot to love about the MCU, and your favorite film may not be mine, and that’s fine, but I just want to make the case that this is a huge part of what I love about the MCU. So much goodness and awesomeness here.

So, what was your favorite film in the MCU? Let me know in the comments or follow along on Facebook and let me know there. I would love to hear from you.

Jake Dietz
Jake Dietz is a father, husband, Latter-day Saint, movie lover, and all around geek. He considers himself a member of many fandoms including The Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson, The Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, and many, many more. If it has a good story, Jake is interested in it.


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