Infinity War is here, and it was quite a ride. I know there are probably quite a few people who have not seen it. I get it. It is not always possible to get to the theater on opening night, sometimes you have to wait a week or two or a couple of days. I understand. For that reason, let me warn you, this episode has spoilers. A lot of spoilers. Like, seriously, don’t listen until you have seen the movie. But, then come back and listen.

For this post, I wanted to say a few things about spoilers. I am pro not spoiling a movie for people. Personally, I am not overly bothered by a movie being spoiled for me, but I respect others and their desire to not have a movie spoiled. That being said, avoiding spoilers takes effort from the person who has seen the movie as well as the person who has not.

Also, what do you define as a spoiler? This is important to understand as well. For me, a spoiler is anything about a major plot point, or a twist or a big reveal moment in the film. For me, if I had not seen The Empire Strikes Back, and someone told me that Darth Vader is revealed to be Luke’s father, I would feel like that was a spoiler. If someone told me that the movie starts out on the planet Hoth, I would not feel like that is a spoiler.

I bring this up, because on the internet right now, there is the constant debate about spoilers, and it is one that will never be totally resolved. I think, out of common courtesy, we should avoid any major plot point spoilers. If you go on the internet, and you have not seen Infinity War, the major plot points should be kept from you, and you should be relatively safe navigating major social media sites.

However, if you feel like anything said about the movie is a spoiler, then you need to stay off the internet entirely. I had someone tell me once that just by saying the movie was good or bad, I have spoiled it. If you feel that way, please find a hole to hide yourself in or go see the movie. It’s only fair.

This is the part where it requires effort on both sides. I think most fans are pretty good about not posting most major spoilers. They understand. Most fans are not any good at all about not saying anything about a movie they loved or hated. And they shouldn’t have to be.. If you are that sensitive to spoilers, then you need to make the effort to stay off the internet. You can expect fans, who have been waiting ten years for a movie to come out, to say nothing about the film, not even their reactions.

It’s the only fair way to do it. We who have seen the movie will promise not to be Jerks and tell you the ending or any major plot point, if you promise not to get upset about minor things being revealed. Things that are seen in the trailers or are common knowledge, or just plain fan reactions. If we can all agree to that, the world might achieve a state of peace.


Jake Dietz
Jake Dietz is a father, husband, Latter-day Saint, movie lover, and all around geek. He considers himself a member of many fandoms including The Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson, The Lord of the Rings, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Star Trek, Star Wars, and many, many more. If it has a good story, Jake is interested in it.


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