So it’s late. I’ve been at a basketball game most of this evening, but I promised myself I would write something today on the site, and I have something to write about: Batman v Superman. The newest trailer dropped tonight, and I have watched a few times, and I have mixed feelings about it. There are some things i really like, and some things I don’t. Some of the things I don’t like have something to do with the actual footage, and some of them with the trailer itself. In any case, here is my ever so brief reaction to the newest Batman v Superman trailer.

Batman v Superman

Superman’s Army

This is one of the things from the footage that I really don’t like. I don’t want to use the “H” word, but I am tempted to in this case. Why are there soldiers running around with his symbol on their shoulders? I let this slide with the first two trailers, assuming that they were supporters of Superman who had taken it upon themselves to fight in his name. I also assumed that he would never support or condone something like that. Then we saw the teaser for this trailer (what is wrong with us, we need a teaser for a trailer now?), and I was not happy. He shows up once they have captured Batman, and they kneel to him, and he seems like that is ok, totally normal. People of Earth kneeling before him-that was always Zod’s thing.


Speaking of Zod, it seems like there will be no surprises when this film drops next spring. We see in this trailer that Zod’s body will be used to create the Doomsday creature. I am guessing it will be toward the end of the movie, and it will be what ultimately brings the two heroes together. I am guessing that primarily because we basically see that happen in the trailer, because this trailer does what so many trailers do today-it ruins the whole plot and story of the film. In 3 minutes, and for free, you have now seen everything you really need to know about this film. No real need to go see it now.

Batman has a Gun

Put this in the really don’t like category for me. Why does Batman have a gun? I am not a big Batman fan, but I have come to accept the fact that I am pretty much alone in that in the comic book community, and that’s ok. I do appreciate, however, a few things about Batman, and one of those things is that he almost never uses a gun. In some story lines, this is because his parents were murdered by a gun. I prefer my Bats sans guns. I just do. In this trailer, though, there he is in the big hero shot with a gun. Disappointing.

Lex Luthor

This is in the like category for me, although I will admit that this portrayal of Lex seems like it will be very polarizing in the Superman fan community. I like him, though. I like him more each time I see more of him. I don’t like like him, but I like how much I don’t like him, which is exactly how I should feel about his character, so I like it. Somehow, I am hoping that makes sense when I read it later, otherwise, it could just be the incoherent ramblings of a man who is up way past his bed time. This Lex seems like a lot of fun, and that’s good.

Wonder Woman has an Amazing Shield

At least we get to see Wonder Woman in action here, which is exciting. She is the first full on female superhero we are getting in this golden age of superhero cinema. Yes, I like Black Widow, but let’s face it, she plays second fiddle to Cap and Iron Man and Thor. Don’t be mad at me, I didn’t create the stories we have seen with her so far. Wonder Woman will also probably play second fiddle to Supes and the Dark Knight, at least at first, but don’t be fooled. She can take either of these guys in a fight. Especially with that extraordinary shield. Captain America, eat your heart out.

Batman v Superman vs Parademons?

If you watch the trailer, check out what we see at around the 2 minute mark. What are those winged creatures swarming around Superman’s little army guys? To me they look like Darkseid’s Parademons. Is it possible that we have a lead in with this film to Darkseid appearing in the upcoming Justice League movies? I don’t know. It seems like weird timing for them to show up as the Superman soldiers are trying to subdue Batman, but watch the trailer and tell me what else they could be. Do they or do they not kind of look like the film version of this:


Overall, I am not entirely sold on this film yet. The first trailer made me feel like I was still waiting for them to show me something. The second trailer made me excited. This one made me feel like they showed me too much, and maybe I don’t like what I saw. If you haven’t seen the trailer, for your convenience, I have included it here:

What did you think of the newest Batman v Superman trailer? Are you more excited to see the film now, or less excited? Let me know in the comments below, or email me directly at [email protected]. You can also subscribe to our site so you never miss a new post (I would highly recommend that).


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