5 Predictions for Captain America: Civil War

We are just a couple of weeks away from the premier of Captain America: Civil War, so I thought it would be fun to make a few predictions about what will happen in the film. I’ve done this in the past with other films, and one time, my crazy theory was even right. We’ll see how I do this time around. Let’s get to it.

1. Neither side is going to “win”


Whether your team Iron Man or Team Cap, if you are expecting an all out battle with a clear-cut winner, you are going to be disappointed. In the end, for some reason, both sides are going to reunite, and neither side is going to be a clear-cut winner. I say this because that is how comic book feuds have ended since there has been comic book feuds. Two sides of good guys disagree, they fight, realize in the end that they are really ion the same side, and then join together. The Avengers are going to be splintered throughout this film, but in the end, they will be stronger and more unified than they have ever been, which will be just in time for the oncoming Infinity War. You may come out of it feeling that your side really won, or was ripped off, but I promise, they will all end up friends.

2. Ant-Man will go from the smallest Avenger to the largest Avenger


For those of you who may not be familiar with the character from the comics, Hank Pym is not just Ant-Man in the comics. He also spends time being Yellow Jacket as well as Giant Man. Pam particles can make you shrink, but they can also make you bigger. A lot bigger. Giant size even. Granted, the MCU version of Ant-Man is Scott Lang, but it appears that in this upcoming film he will be taking on the Giant Man mantle.  There are obvious clues in a couple of very prominent places. One is the Lego set pictured above that includes a Giant Man figure. Another is the set of Funko Pops that are coming out for the film, including a 6 inch Giant Man. It will be interesting to see this play out in the film. Being able to become gigantic will add a whole new layer to this character. This prediction is the one that I am most confident about.

3. This film will be the beginning of the set up for Thanos and the Infinity War


This is the prediction that I am least confident about. The Infinity War is what all three phases of Marvel films have been building up to. It all comes to an end of sorts with the two Infinity War films. This is also the last Captain America film before the next Avengers film, and the last time that all the Avengers will be together in one film before the next Avengers film. Ok, all together sans Thor and Hulk, but you get the idea. All of that could mean that we could end up at the beginning of the Infinity War. I am not super confident, though, because we still have a lot of films between now and Infinity War, like another Thor film, and maybe more importantly, another Guardians of the Galaxy. This might happen in Civil War, but really, I am betting we will see more Thanos and Infinity War build up in GOTG 2. That’s just going with my gut, though.

4. Spider-Man will start on Team Iron Man, but end up Team Cap

We have all seen the trailer featuring everyone’s favorite web-head, and in the trailer, Spidey is definitely on Team Iron Man. I have been saying all along that he will be on Team Cap, so it would appear that I was wrong. Except, I have always thought he would start on Team Iron Man, but would end up with Cap. That’s how it played out in the comics. I know this movie will not be following the comics completely. There’s no way they could fit the whole Civil War storyline in one film. Plus, Marvel has some legal issues with some of their characters, so they couldn’t do the whole story anyway. That being said, I am fairly confident in this prediction. Besides just the source material, let me point out a couple of things. Since the trailer has come out featuring young Mr. Parker, we have seen different promotional materials featuring both teams, and each time Spidey is missing. Strange, since it has already been revealed, apparently, that he is on Team Stark. Then there was a tweet from Tom Holland as Spider-Man from the red carpet premier with #TeamCap and he was holding Cap’s shield. A tweet that has been removed (or I may have imagined it, but I didn’t. It was there). Was it a possible spoiler? Maybe.

5. Cap is going to die


Shortly after the Civil War story arc in the comics, Cap was gunned down. It was a powerful moment in the comics, and it was the impetus for the Avengers coming back together. I think it could happen here at the end of Civil War. This is a story that could really tear the team apart, to the point that it might be hard to imagine that they would work together again. The problem is, they will need to find a way to bring the team back together, and they will need to do it quickly. Having Cap go down would do just that. It would be an event that would shake every member of the team and bring them together more unified than ever before. Plus, Crossbones is the one who kills him in the comics, and he is in this film.

So, what do you think is going to happen in the upcoming Civil War movie? Let me know in the comments below, or you can send me feedback at [email protected]. If you like the posts you read here on the blog, please share with your friends. They might enjoy it as well.

Jake Dietz
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