30Days30Characters: Day 11- Batgirl

This is the last entry for comics week. Starting with my next post, I  will be starting a new theme. I have enjoyed putting these all together over the last week. Life has been hectic, and this weekend I had a few things that happened that threw the whole thing off. I am trying to correct that and hopefully I will be back on track for this upcoming week. In any case, here is the entry for day 11.




There have been a number of women who have put on the cape and colas Batgirl.When I think of the character, though, I think of Barbara Gordon- the daughter of Jim Gordon. having much of the same heroic, noble spirit of her father, Barbara Gordon wanted to do more and ended up suiting up as Batgirl. Through these efforts she was able to build a friendship with Batman and the rest of the “Bat Family” and has been a staple of the Batman titles for years.

There has always been a weird on again, off again relationship between Batgirl and Nightwing. It’s weird only because they are like brother and sister, but there’s an undeniable chemistry there. For that reason, it’s fitting that these two would follow one another on the series. It wasn’t really done on purpose, but I was glad it worked out that way. The one major thing Batgirl and Nightwing have in common is that they keep Batman grounded. That is very important for a character as dark and brooding as Batman is.

Why Batgirl?

It all started with my daughter Maren. She has always been the kid that has to defy dad in every way. If I like one sports team, she likes their rivals. I like one color, she likes the opposite color. It has really been a great lesson for me in unconditional love. No matter what she does or what she likes, I will always love her. One prime example of this was when she was much younger and decided her favorite superhero was Batman. Mainly because dad liked Superman. It was a tough blow.

As she got a little bit older, I tried to introduce her to some girl characters. She didn’t connect with any of them until she saw Batgirl for the first time. In her mind Batgirl was like Batman, except she was better because she’s a girl. Ever since that moment, Batgirl has been her favorite, and to be honesty, the character has grown on me too. I really love her in DC Superhero Girls. She encourages girls to be their best selves, to use their talents and smarts to do good. It makes Maren feel like she can accomplish anything. Any character that can do that gets my support. That’s why I love Batgirl.

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