10 Reasons We Love Scott Lang

You’re probably starting to wonder, when is our resident Marvel fangirl going to write a Marvel post? I think this is my first one this year! It’s not really a huge deal, as far as posts go. However, this is a post about the ways in which Scott Lang, the MCU’s Ant-Man, is actually a big player.

1. He definitely has a serious side.

When Captain America tells him about the mission he’s been brought in for in Civil War, Scott knows what he’s talking about.

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“We’re outside the law on this one.”

“What else is new?”

Scott Lang got onto Hank Pym’s radar in the first place because he was a criminal—he excelled at burglary, and he wasn’t afraid to break the law to do something he believed in—or at least get around it. Plus, Scott hadn’t signed the Accords and no one really knew who he was. He was in the perfect position for Cap to call him in. And of course, he was more than just a fanboy.


2. The team-up with “Arrow Man”

Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff picked up Scott on their way to Leipzig. They must have talked. It wouldn’t have taken long for Scott to realize that Clint, like himself, was a superhero dad. Of course, they don’t take long to team up with their special skills. #DadSquad

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3. He’s Hank Pym’s Protegé—sometimes

Hank Pym passed the mantle of Ant-Man to Scott, and he and Hope Van Dyne taught him everything they could about how to harness the power of the suit and the friendship of the ants. But Scott didn’t get to where he was by following Pym’s orders a hundred percent of the time. A brilliant mind like Scott’s knows that it is important to be innovative and to take risks.

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Also, this line in Civil War:

Definitely the party line.

4. Scott knows how to use his head

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We know from Ant-Man that Scott has a Master’s degree in Engineering. True, having a criminal record nixes that, but that means that Scott can apply his brains in…different areas. He’s a fast learner. He knows a lot about physics and chemistry and other stuff that comes in useful in a burglary or a break-in or in messing around with technology. Remember that Titanic reference? The first break-in to Pym’s house was a test of his prowess, and he passed with flying colors. And Scott went on to prove that he had more than enough aptitude for handling superhero stuff.

5. He believes in doing the right thing

Even though he’s technically a criminal, Scott Lang is a good person. Obscure fact: he went to jail in the first place because he broke into the records of a corrupt corporation that he felt was cheating its customers. Hank Pym recruits him to try and keep dangerous technology from getting into the wrong hands, and Scott is totally behind it. And when Captain America needs Scott’s help, he’s right there.

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6. He whupped Falcon AND Iron Man

When Scott found out that the Avengers had built a new base around an old Stark Industries warehouse, Hank was ready to abort the mission. But Scott stuck it out, and he not only got what he came for but he kicked the Falcon’s butt!

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Sam Wilson was impressed enough in a good way that he decided to look up Scott.

Fast Forward to Civil War, and Ant-man is wreaking havoc on Team Iron Man. Scott sabotaging the inside of Tony’s suit is one of the funniest parts of the airport battle.

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“Hi, I’m your conscience. We haven’t talked for a while.”

It was kind of a cruel joke, since Tony’s motivation to support the Accords was based on his conscience. But that’s another discussion. Scott didn’t mean any real harm with that comment—okay maybe he did a little, remember he works for Hank Pym. But Scott holds his own fighting other superheroes.

7. He is SO real

if he sees something weird, he’s the first to point out that it’s not normal. He is more of a “normal” person than other superheroes we’ve met in the MCU—he just wants to take care of himself and pay child support and take it easy. And he’s very aware of how mortal he is. And more willing to admit that whatever he’s about to do is intimidating.


“Can I go back to jail now?”

“Something moved through me!

8.  He knows how to make things awkward

Remember when Hank and Hope finally made up and Scott interrupted them?


Yep. Scott is an awkward turtle. And he knows it.

9. Ant-ony’s death made him an Avenger

When Darren Cross shot Scott’s favorite mount from right under him, it got personal. Every time I’ve seen Ant-man, I get chills watching that part—you can just FEEL Scott’s paradigm shift. Unlike some of our other MCU heroes, Scott hasn’t had anyone close to him die on his watch yet, except for a lowly ant that he cared about enough to give a name.  It still hurt his feelings.

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Sometimes the difference between a hero and a villain is whether you see a person as collateral damage or someone to love and value.

10. He did it for Cassie

The most important reason that Scott Lang was working for Pym in the first place? Pym offered him money and a reason to fight. If Cross’s weapon got into the wrong hands, then there wouldn’t be a safe world for Cassie to live in.


The scene of his final showdown with Cross was Cassie’s bedroom. And he found the courage to take a risk and a way to come back from the Quantum Realm—for Cassie. I like Scott Lang because he is down-to-earth and he is a reminder to me that there is nothing more important to fight for than the people you love.

My edit

I can’t wait to see Scott team up with Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man and the Wasp, and of course I’m looking forward to seeing him team up with the Avengers once again in Infinity War.

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