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50 Good Books: Where the Sidewalk Ends

It might surprise some of you to find out that I read more than just Fantasy and Science Fiction novels. I’m actually a big fan of reading, so I do like to spend my time reading where possible. One of my friends actually told me about this website (https://likewise.com/books) the other day. She said that they have recommendations for books, allowing everyone to find a book that interests them. Maybe I should consider looking on that website to try and find some new books to read. I also read various blogs and of course comics, and occasionally, I will read something random like a collection of poetry. Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends is a classic and should be read and enjoyed by everyone. His poems are quirky and fun and absolutely brilliant. Of course I would recommend this classic to anyone, along with his other titles like A Light in the Attic and Falling Up, and of course the ever wonderful The Giving Tree (which, because of the title, I always confuse with The Giver. They are two totally different books).

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