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The Future of Captain America

We’ve have a few months to marinate. The hype and overreactions are over. We’ve had a little while to step back and evaluate Captain America: Civil War. The spoilers are out. So what comes next? It concluded the Captain America trilogy, but the story of Steve Rogers–the man who carried the mantle of Captain America–is far from over. Some of the ideas I will be sharing are things I heard at two Captain America panels at Salt Lake Comic Con FanX back in March.

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Looking Back at FanX 2016

When people ask what the difference is between Salt Lake Comic Con and its FanX event, the only real answer you can give is the size.  Part of the Salt Palace space is closed off and so there are much fewer artists and vendors.  There are also fewer attendees, so when it comes to fighting crowds it’s much less of a hassle.  

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4 Guesses for the FanX 16 Press Conference

FanX 2016 is coming soon. Ok, maybe soon is not the right word. It’s happening Easter weekend, 2016, which is the end of March. It seems like Salt Lake Comic Con just ended, and some of us are still recovering, but that’s the life in a geek community with two major conventions each year. Once one ends, we are all anxious to start hearing about who is coming to the next one and when it will be and all the details, even though, right now, there are relatively few details to have. Planning a huge convention like this takes time, and a lot of the details are not completely hammered down until right before the convention begins. That’s a big reason why we get guest announcements right up until the day of the convention, and sometimes it happens at the convention itself- like when Patrick Stewart was announced at the very first FanX in 2014.

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