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This Week in Geek-Week Ending 10/11

Another week is in the books, and as always there was plenty going on in the world of geek.  Here are just a few of the stories from this last week, ICYMI (I think that’s In Case You Missed It, BTW).

Tomorrowland Teaser Premieres


Not only did we get our first production photos for Brad Bird’s much anticipated Tomorrowland film, we also got the first teaser trailer as well.  No one is entirely sure what the film is about, and if you were hoping that the trailer would help clear all of that up, you may be disappointed. If anything, it just raises more questions.  One thin I know for sure, if the film is directed by Brad Bird and it stars George Clooney, well, let’s just say, I know where I’ll be on May 22, 2015.  Check out the teaser below:

Guardians of the Galaxy Coming to the Small Screen


Can’t get enough of Starlord and his friends?  Then Marvel and Disney have some great news for you.  Guardians go the Galaxy is getting its own animated series.  That’s right, the super hero team that no one had ever heard of before August is getting its own series.  Just like Spider-Man and the Avengers and other flagship characters of the Marvel Universe.  Test footage was released this week at NYCC.  Check it out here:

Comic Con Takes Over the Big Apple


Probably the country’s second most well known Comic Convention, New York Comic Con started this week on Thursday and runs through Sunday, October 12.  Because of the location, all the stars are out and there is plenty going on.  Also, look for some major announcements, similar to what we see during SDCC.  In fact, the above footage of Guardians of the Galaxy was released during NYCC this year.  for more details on the con, check out their web site.

The Flash Premiers on The CW


DC has expanded its live action TV presence this fall, first with Gotham and now with The Flash in addition to the already hit series Arrow. The Flash premiered on Tuesday in its normal spot, and is a “spinoff” from Arrow, as we first met Barry Allen last season on the series, and got a hint that he would be returning, at least in some fashion, as the Flash.  Fan boys everywhere rejoiced when the series was announce, and it did not disappoint.  At least the pilot didn’t.  There was a lot of nods to the original source material, and I for one, am looking forward to next week.

Vader is Back


The well received Star Wars Rebels:Spark of Rebellion is going to be rebroadcast nationally on ABC, and as a special treat, a new scene will be added, featuring none other than Vader himself.  And to make it even better, James Earl Jones will be adding his voice to the scene.  I mean, really, who else could do it?  Nobody, that’s who. The announcement came earlier this week.

Brainiac, not Darkseid Will be the Big Bad in Justice League Movie


Previously, it was believed that Darkseid was going to be the big baddie in the upcoming Justice League movie.  However, at least one recent report is now saying that Brainiac will be the featured foe in the film. According to the report, Brainiac will be responding to the same beacon that brought General Zod in Man of Steel.  The Justice League movie is still a ways off, so a lot can change between now and then, so take the report with a grain of salt.

Get Your Own Baby Groot, Complete with Moves


In a move that just obviously makes sense, dancing Baby Groot is coming to retailer near you, just in time for the holidays.  This has been one of the most popular scenes from the film, so it makes sense that Marvel would want to market something like this.  It looks to be priced around $15, making it a great gift for any of the Guardians of the Galaxy fans in your life.  Check out the video below:

That’ll do it for this week.  Come back again next Saturday and see what else you might have missed in the world of geek.  Have a geeky weekend!


For Week Ending September 13, 2014

Well, here we are at the end of another week, and there was plenty of geekiness happening this week.  Here are just a few of the things that made up this week in geek.

New Star Wars Videos Going Viral

A couple of great Star Wars themed videos hit the webs this week and have been huge hits.  The first one was “Star S’mores,” a parody of Star Wars done Sesame Street style.  The whole video is a fun way to teach kids about self-control, but hits all the right spots for loyal Star Wars fans, including Grover stepping in to be the Yoda character.  Great short clip, I enjoyed it:

The second video shows us how important John Williams’ score is to the Star Wars films.  It is the last scene of Star Wars with no music.  It’s just a little awkward, and you realize it is a really long walk Han and Luke take down that aisle.  The Chewbacca sound effects are strange, and obviously inaccurate, but the whole thing is supposed to be a spoof, so I’ll let it slide:

Batmobile Revealed:


That’s it.  That is the Batmobile, officially from the set of Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice film, according to reports.  Pretty bulky, in my opinion.  I always liked the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s Batman. It was sleek, cool, and sporty.  It looked fast.  This looks like it is built for battle, not for racing through the streets of Gotham City.  This would be in congruence with other rumors that the Batman in Snyder’s film is much older and experienced.  He is supposed to be battle tested and battle worn.  The rumors have even said that he is supposed to be similar tot he Batman from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.  If he is, then this Batmobile makes perfect sense.

Winter Soldier out on Blu-ray and DVD


Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit store shelves on Tuesday, with a variety of versions available for purchase.  The film has been available to purchase digitally for a few weeks, but if you want the physical, in hand version, Tuesday was your day.  The different versions have different special features, depending on the version you buy.  Details can be found here. Which ever version you decide on, go and buy this movie.  It was a fantastic story, one of the best Marvel films so far.

A shorter edition this week.  Stay tuned for my preview of shows worth checking out this fall.

This Week in Geek- Week Ending August 30, 2014

August is almost over, which means a couple of things.  The summer blockbuster season is coming to a close.  This year was a slump compared to last year, and what will that mean for all these big budget super hero flicks coming down the pipe? End of August, beginning of September also means that Salt Lake Comic Con is almost here.  We are less than a week away, and your humble blogger can’t wait to be there among his native people: Geeks. Here are a few stories from this last week:

The Tick is Returning with Patrick Warburton


Technically, this news just broke today, but I would be an irresponsible blogger if I didn’t include it in this post. is reporting that the live action Tick televisions series is returning to Amazon and their streaming service.  Even better news, Patrick Warburton has reportedly already signed a contract with Amazon to return as the big guy for the series.  Honestly, would it have been the Tick if he wasn’t coming back?  This was a short-lived, quirky series, but a classic.  Plus, I love almost anything Patrick Warburton does.  He could make reading the phone book funny (for our younger readers, the phone book is a now extinct book that would come out each year with a listing of phone numbers in your area.  IT has now been replaced by the internet).  Take the opportunity to congratulate Warburton, as he appears at the Salt Lake Comic Con this upcoming week.  I wonder if this means we will see an upTICK in Tick cosplay…(see what I did there?  UpTICK, like the Tick? Get it?)

GOTG Continues Strong Box Office Showing


Guardians of the Galaxy was already the biggest hit of the summer, but as of this week, it has surpassed everyone to become the biggest domestic hit of the year, beating out Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  And, with nothing big coming out in the next month or so, it looks like it will continue to have a strong run.  Some experts are predicting that it could break the $300 million mark.  This is a huge hit for Marvel and their parent company, Disney.  This was a property that no one had ever heard of except for hardcore comics fans.  Now it is the biggest domestic movie of the year.  Behold the power of Marvel!

Hawkeye’s New Suit for Avengers: Age of Ultron


New set pics have revealed how Hawkeye will look in the new Avengers movie.  Personally, not a fan.  I don’t like the long coat.  IT just seems pointless and it would get in the way with all the running and there jumping.  I liked his look in Avengers, and that they carried that look into the comics.  I think Hawkeye is a very interesting character because he has no powers, at all, and he is trying to keep up with all these super powered team mates.  It’s pretty cool, and I felt like he looked pretty cool in the last film.  Despite not liking this look, I am eternally grateful that it isn’t this look:


Salt Lake Comic Con Rounding Out Their Guests


I know I give a lot of love to the Salt Lake Comic Con, but they are the biggest convention out my way.  I love that we have something like this here locally that I can now attend without spending a ton of money.  As we get closer to the con, they have been making the guest announcements left and right.  Some of the highlights recently have been Paul McGann and Colin Baker, who both played the Doctor in Doctor Who, as well as Ron Perlman, who played HellBoy in arguably one of the most underrated super hero movies ever, and Eric Roberts who played the Master opposite McGann’s Doctor in the Doctor Who TV Movie.  I expect that we will be hearing about more guests as the Con draws closer.  I have seen lots of people posting that Matt Smith is going to be there.  None of these people are Bryan Brandenburg or Dan Farr, so take it with a grain of salt, but maybe the rumors will pan out.  For a current list of the guests scheduled to be at the Salt Lake Comic Con, please click here.  You can also visit their site’s home page for more info on tickets, autographs and photo ops, and special events.

That’s it for now.  Please check back next week.  We should have plenty of follow-up from the Con and more geek news.

This Week in Geek Ending August 16, 2014

Another week is in the books, and this is a brief wrap up of some of the things that have happened this week.

Robin Williams Passes Away on Monday, August 11


In shocking news on Monday, we learned that Robin Williams had passed away.  He was an incredible talent who had the ability to make us feel the whole range of human emotion through his performances.  Yes, he was hilarious and probably best known for being funny, but he could act in any role, as evidenced by his winning the Oscar for best Supporting Actor for his role in Good Will Hunting. Looking at his career, it is hard to find anything he couldn’t do on screen and it’s hard to find a time when he wasn’t relevant since bursting on the scene with Mork and Mindy.  One of the most important things I hope will come out of all of this is the awareness that depression is a real thing, and it’s very serious.  If you have loved ones who suffer from it, don’t judge, but love and be there to help and support them.  I have known people in my life who struggle with this disease, and it is debilitating and hard and very real.  All the news outlets have reported that Robin Williams took his own life, but the reality is that he finally lost his battle with a disease and the disease claimed his life.

Hopefully, we can all look back at Williams’ career and remember all the good times we had watching him perform.  On elf my favorite Robin Williams films is Dead Poets Society.  It inspired me when I was younger to want to be a teacher when I grew up and to want to make a difference in people’s lives.  It also taught me that sometimes that means stepping outside the norms.  In any case, here is one of my favorite scenes from the movie:

The Doctor Lands in NYC


The Doctor Who World Tour stopped in New York City this week, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman taking the Big Apple by storm.  The tour is a series of visits to cities around the globe, all leading up to the August 23  premier of “Deep Breath”, the opening episode of season 8 of the relaunched Doctor Who series.  This season will be Peter Capaldi’s first as everyone’s favorite Time Lord, and Whovians everywhere are anxious to see it.  This event consisted of a viewing of “Deep Breath” as well as a Q&A session with Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Steven Moffat, moderated in New York by Chris Hardwick, who is a noted Doctor Who fan. Similar events have already happened in London and South Korea.  The final stop will be August 19, just less than a week before the episode airs on the TV.  The success of this event leaves me with 2 questions: 1. Will the expand it next time, maybe do just a a tour of the US, because sadly, I was not able to make it to New York? 2. When is the Sherlock world tour?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dominates Box Office, Sequel Officially Announced


Despite critics everywhere warning audiences to avoid this movie at all costs, Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles smashed it at the box office.  It brought in $65 million and beat out Guardians of the Galaxy for the number 1 spot.  On the heels of this success, Paramount officially announced that the Turtles would be getting a sequel.  For a lot of nostalgic reasons, this is pretty cool for me.  I loved Ninja Turtles as a kid, and the success of this movie means there is plenty of toys and things in the store for my son to obsess over now.  TMNT looks to do very well at the box office going forward as the summer blockbuster season is coming to a close, and there will be no major competition for them.

Han Solo Character Sketches Leak Online


In news that just makes every Star Wars geek happy, images were leaked on the internet this week that look to be character sketches for Han Solo for Episode VII.  One looks like it could be right at home on Hoth, but there are other cold planets in the Star Wars Galaxy, I’m sure.  The other, I think, totally fits a space cowboy kind of look.  Both of them look like classic Han Solo, and makes me excited that maybe, just maybe we have a new Star Wars movie that is on track to match the originals.  One can only hope, or dream maybe.  In Any case, it always cool to see things “leaked” from the new movie.

Salt Lake Comic Con Promises 2 Major Marvel Announcements; One is Revealed, One is Yet to Come


Toward the beginning of the week, Salt Lake Comic Con announced that there were two major Marvel related guest announcements coming up.  The first one was revealed on Thursday, when  SLCC announced that comic book legend, Stan Lee would be returning to Salt Lake City.  This time it appears that he will be spending more time here, two days instead of one.  They have also announced that he will be participating in a panel that will be open to all guests of the comic con.  This means there is one more major Marvel announcement coming in the next few days.  Also, as the con is drawing nearer, expect to see a slew of announcements from SLCC as more major guests are confirmed.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed for David Tenant or Matt Smith. (SLCC, if you’re reading this, notice that people go crazy for a Doctor-the second part of this post- and you haven’t had one yet.  FantasyCon had one, but not you yet, just saying’)

That’s it for This Week in Geek.  Come back next week for more news stories from the world of Geek.  Also, check back in with the blog on a daily basis for more Doctor Who, more Adventures of a Geeky Dad, and more just general geekery.

This Week in Geek for the Week Ending August 9, 2014

This is a new weekly feature here at the geeky mormon.  It will cover some of the big stories affecting the world of Geek each week.  It will include some brief summaries of the story, followed by a link to the original source.  Enjoy!

Guardians of the Galaxy Another Big Hit for Marvel


Despite the fact that most mainstream Marvel fans had never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy before this film was announced by the studio, they all showed up in droves.  Many people were predicting that because people had never heard of these heroes before, no one would come out to see the movie.  It would be Marvel’s first flop.  I’ll admit, when I heard that this film was going into production, I was among the group predicting that nobody would want to see it.  It has a talking tree thingy and a raccoon as two of its main characters.  However, there Marvel machine got behind their big budget film and promoted the heck out of it.  And, as an added bonus, the trailers made the film look pretty amazing.  Say what you will, but I believe there were a lot of people who went to this movie simply because it had the Marvel label.  Fortunately, it doesn’t suck either.  It opened with $94 million last weekend, the biggest opening ever in August, and the 3rd biggest of the year. Let’s see if it can hold on to the top spot this weekend as it goes up against TMNT.  I know, it should be a no brainer.  TMNT has gotten horrible reviews, but remember, so did all the Transformers movies, also Michael Bay projects, and they all scored big at the box office.  Click here to see the whole story on the box office numbers for last weekend.

TMNT May be a Bigger Hit than We Thought


See if this sounds familiar:  Big movie company hire Michael Bay to come in and take an old children’s franchise and turn it into a major motion picture, big budget and all.  He comes in, adds that signature Michael Bay touch, and totally ruins it for original fans of the franchise.  He also ruins an evening for critics across America as they go and have to sit through the movie to review it.  It does not go well for Bay with the critics, and they spend their time trying to warned people about the movie, begging them not to go.  Everybody goes anyway, and the film is a huge hit, spawning numerous sequels.  I know, you’re thinking Transformers, but wrong.  This is exactly what is happening again with Bay’s latest project, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Every review I have read has talked about how awful this movie is and has warned against going to see it.  People read this stuff, I know they do.  People know how awful the Transformers movies have been.  They know what to expect, but the news coming in about the box office so far is demonstrating that nobody cares.  They are all going to see this movie.  The reports are saying that it could bring in around $65 million so far.  Why? Geeks are nostalgic and they just can’t resist a film that might bring back some good memories.  Unfortunately, this will only mean more garbage like this will be made.  Click here to read more about the TMNT opening.

DC Calls off Major Movie Stand Off with Marvel


The big showdown we were all looking forward to in 2016 has been called off by DC.  They moved the release date for Dawn of Justice back to the end of March instead of May 6 where it would compete directly against Captain America 3.  It was going to be a match for the ages, and a great weekend of hiding out at the theater for hours for geeks everywhere.  This move seems like it is DC waving the white flag before the war could even start, and I think it awfully interesting that it came out right after Guardians’ epic opening.  In addition, DC also announced 9 other dates that will be the opening of other DC films, although they have not announced what they are.  Click here for the story and the list of dates.  As you can see, DC is not competing directly with any Marvel film.

SDCC is Still a Big Bully, Sues Salt Lake Comic Con


As we have all heard by now, SDCC is not happy with Salt Lake Comic Con because of the use of the term “comic con”. As SDCC was going on, the event organizers sent a cease and desist letter to Salt Lake Comic Con.  I shared my thoughts on the action here.  Salt Lake responded with big no on the request from SDCC, so the convention giant has responded in typical jerky fashion by filing a lawsuit with a US District Court.  If they win, it will set a precedent that will cary over into disputes with other events throughout the country that use the term “comic con” in their title.  Salt Lake is not just fighting for themselves, but for the little guy conventions everywhere.  If they win, it will be a victory for all cons not associated with SDCC.  If they lose it will be a big blow to the same conventions. There are currently around 24 major conventions throughout the country that use “comic con” in their name.  The full story can be seen by clicking here for the article in the Salt Lake Tribune.

That will do it for the news this week.  Do you have any stories that should be featured here?  Let me know, tweet the link to me or add it to the comments here or on Facebook.  Did I miss a major story?  Again let me know.  Thanks for reading.