15 Stages of Waiting to See ‘Rogue One’

A lot of you know that I am a die-hard Star Wars fan. Some of you may be surprised that I haven’t even seen Rogue One yet. To be honest, I wasn’t that interested in Rogue One. But events in the last week have led me to realize I might be missing out. Here’s a summary of my last week, made of GIFs from all your other favorite fandoms.

  1. No Big Deal. I was out celebrating my best friend’s marriage Thursday evening and all day Friday. I wasn’t bothered when people asked my why I hadn’t seen Rogue One yet.
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2. All of a sudden, everyone started saying it’s awesome. The reviews came pouring in from Facebook friends. I was mildly surprised by the warm reception of the film.

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We Heart It

3. Then the people on my Prequels fansite started jumping on board. Mind you, these people didn’t like The Force Awakens—in fact some of them hate it with a passion. But they are all heaping lavish praises onto Rogue One. What is this? What could Lucasfilm have possibly done to please this particular set of fans? #Confused

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4. I had the chance to go see it…but I had to let it pass. Saturday Night I was with the Wasatch Saber Club, playing Princess Leia for the flash mob at the Jordan Megaplex. After the event, someone working for the theater came by to pass out tickets to an 8:00 showing. It was SO TEMPTING. But I had to decline. My grandma was expecting me that night. I didn’t want to stay out too late.

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5. Polite amusement when I heard my relatives talk about it. I had an aunt and uncle come to my family birthday party on Sunday Night saying they’d been able to go to Rogue One. They said it was awesome but had to point out that some of their friends were confused about the story line and the place that Rogue One falls in Star Wars canon. Not surprising: people have been joking about this for ages. But my desire to see Rogue One was getting stronger…

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6. Then I find out I won’t be able to see it until…THE FOLLOWING FRIDAY. Mom had to work, siblings were still in school. Family Christmas party was scheduled for Thursday.

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Amino Apps


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Acid Cow

8. Then I found out via text that my younger brother had already seen it.

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9. Another brother started teasing me about spoilers on the drive home from the airport. 

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We Heart It

The perils of living in a large family.

10. I was desperate for anything, ANYTHING, to serve as a distraction

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11. I decided to dig myself into a hole and actually follow through with it. I  took appropriate precautions on Tumblr. Unfollowed certain Facebook groups. But some of it is still luck.

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Wizards and Whatnot

12. Fortunately it is the holidays, and there is plenty to do.

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13. I got to the point where I knew I was actually going to make it. Light at the end of the tunnel, huzzah! This is doable!

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14. Finally all that was left was to survive the awkward family Christmas party…

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You know what, this actually helps me to feel sympathy for people who don’t get to go to release night showings that I make it to. First world problems still come with their own pain and frustration. But they can be overcome.

Now we find out if Rogue One was worth the price I paid to wait 😉

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