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5 Family Friendly Tim Burton Films for Halloween

I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays and it comes around during one of my favorite times of year. I love the whole month of October, when it begins to get a little cooler, the leaves change color, and when they fall of, they make that incredible crunching sound when you step on them. I just love it. Although I love this time of year, and enjoy Halloween, I have never been a big fan of horror flicks. They’re just not my thing. No, my October movies of choice are usually from my favorite film maker, Tim Burton. To me, many of his films go hand in hand with Halloween. Some are more family friendly than others, however, and your friendly neighborhood Geeky Mormon, is here to give you a list of 5 Tim Burton films that are family friendly, and go great with Halloween. So if you are looking for some fun movies to sit down and watch with the kids this October, you have come to the right spot.

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