Kevin Grew-The Geeky Mormon

backgroundKevin Grew was born January of 1980 in Portsmouth, England. His father was in the British Royal Navy so he, his mum and his two brothers, one older and one younger, moved often. When Kevin was 9 his father left the Navy and their family moved to Johannesburg, South Africa. The hot, dry desert was so different from the country of his birth, but it became home. To keep from trouble Kevin would build and fix computers from the scrap parts his father would bring home for him now and then. This started the love of computing that has been the backbone of his income his entire life.

His family eventually moved back to England at the age of 17. He returned to South Africa a few years later for a 2 year mission, he just couldn’t get away from the country.

When he was 23 he met girl online. Her name was Camille and they had so much in common he just knew he had to meet her. She was from America, so in order to afford a ticket to see her he sold all he had. She was from southern Utah where the sun beats down upon beautiful red mountains. This new place that somehow looked so much like Africa would be home.

There was no mistaking it was true love, so, much to the bewilderment of their families they announced their engagement and were married just 5 months later. They have loved each other fiercely for a wonderful 12 years filled with so many adventures and experiences. Now the father of 5 children, Kevin felt a burning within himself to find a creative outlet. He needed an escape from the everyday and he wanted to do more with his life. He wanted to inspire his children to reach for the stars and not hold themselves back.

He’d always enjoyed doodling, that’s what his wife called it, as a teenager he’d dabbled making simple comic strips, so he thought he could expound on that. Kevin always had a great love of the worlds of Marvel and DC. His ever turning mind loved to come up with stories and alternate universes. So he began to draw. His drawing so quickly turned from simple doodles to amazing pieces of art that it shocked all that knew him that he’d not discovered this talent and passion sooner. His veins once again flowed with a heat created by his love of drawing and he knew he had found something he could spend the rest of his life doing.

Kevin founded Ryel Comics with his mantra in mind “don’t limit yourself by what you think you can do, but by what you dream you can do”