Doctor Who Season 8 Full Length Trailer


A couple of weeks ago I talked about the first two teaser trailers that dropped for the upcoming season of Doctor Who.  BBC just launched a full length trailer for the new season and it has all sorts of tidbits.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

This trailer is a little bit longer, so as expected, it gives a few more glimpses into the upcoming season.  The first thing that hit me was Daleks.  The Dalek voice and the Dalek eye scope thingy at the beginning, and the scene actually showing a few Daleks.  It all made me think that this season may be a little heavy on the Daleks.  Which would be great.  Their one of my favorite baddies, so i am always down with more Daleks.

We also get to see some regulars come back in the trailer.  Clara, of course, will be there, as she is the bridge from the last Doctor to this one, but we also see that Vastra will be back, which is exciting.  I think she and her companions are great and fun to watch.  They always seem to add a little bit of lightness to the whole thing, especially when the Doctor is in some very dark situations, like right after Amy and Rory left.

Speaking of dark, it seems like this season is going to be a little darker.  It seems to me that Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is quite a bit more serious and sinister than Matt Smith’s.  It was hard to tell when he first appeared and was complaining about the color of his kidneys, but as each trailer comes out and we see a little bit more of him, it becomes more apparent that he will not be talking about a lot of silly things like the color of kidneys.

And there is still this question of Clara not knowing the Doctor or if he is a good man.  What makes this regeneration so ambiguous there?  She knows the Doctor better than most, out of all the companions, she should have the least trouble with the whole regeneration thing.  She has seen every version of the Doctor.  Why is this one such a struggle?  She keeps saying she doesn’t know who he is and whether he is a good man.  Why?  I’m sure I’m making a big deal about nothing.  I’m sure it’s all coincidental, and Moffat hasn’t done any of it on purpose.

We also see that this season will see quite a few adventures and baddies, including more Dinosaurs, this time in London instead of a spaceship.  All in all, the trailer looks great.  I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know this new Doctor.  Is it August yet?

Jake Dietz
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