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Jake Dietz is a humble bank employee by day, and super dad to 5 little monsters by night. He enjoys all things geeky. That's why he started this blog. He considers himself a member of many fandoms, and dreams of the day when all geeks, everywhere, can find a way to live together in harmony.

30Days30Characters: Day 17-Darth Vader

Every one of the characters on this list so far have been heroes. This is probably not an accident. I have never been one to love the villains in a show or movie or book. I almost alway s pull for the hero. That’s what I like, a really great good guy. That being said, I have to recognize that every good story I like has a good villain or two. So, it’s not that I don’t like the villains, or appreciate the villains. It’s more that I identify more with the good guys. Most of the time.

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30Days30Characters: Day 16-Mulan

This is it. The first post of the second half of my 30 Days series. We are also in the back half of our movies week. All of our characters this week are coming from a variety of movies. One thing I wanted to do was highlight some characters that are important to my kids, or that would have a big positive impact on my kids. One thing I have always found challenging is finding great characters for my daughters. That’s why I have already highlighted Princess Leia and Rey from Star Wars. With this post, I am highlighting a great female protagonist not from Star Wars.

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30Days30Characters November 1-15

Here is a quick look at what we have covered so far, from November 1-15. There are plenty more to come, so keep checking back. November is halfway over, but hopefully the second half will be just as much fun as the first half.

30Days30Characters: Day 15 Marty McFly

Wow. Day 15. We are already half way through the month of November. Can you believe it? I can tell you that I can’t. I feel like the month has flown by. Thanksgiving is just next week, and then it’s basically Christmas time. This year has just flown by, and it feels like November has gone by even quicker.

At the beginning of the month, I set out to more consistently post on my blog. The challenge I set for myself was to do one shortish post everyday featuring a character I love. So far, it has gone pretty good. I’ll admit, the first week was better than the last couple of days. I have fallen behind by a day or so a couple of times, but this is the 15th post in the series, and today is the 15th, so we are on schedule.

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30Days30Characters: Day 14- Rey

Not really on purpose, but I have a few Star Wars characters featured this week. I know I emphasized that I wanted a diversity of characters from a wide selection of films on this list this week, and now I am doing my second Star Wars character. I’`ll be honest, with the Last Jedi coming out in about a month, I kind of have Star Wars on the brain. Plus, there are a lot of really great characters in the Star Wars Universe. I probably could have done a list of 30 characters all from Star Wars, so two or three isn’t that bad, really.

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30Days30Characters: Day 13- Napoleon Dynamite

Have I mentioned how hard it was to plan for this week? It was really hard. There are so many movies that I love and so many characters that I love. Plus I wanted to have a variety of characters. I mean, really, I could have picked seven characters from Star Wars or something like that, but I wanted this list to be somewhat diverse. Today’s selection is part of that effort. It is a little weird, but it is from a movie I can’t help but love. So…

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30Days30Characters: Day 12- Princess Leia

This is the beginning of a mother week in our 30 day series. Last week my theme was comics characters. This week I am looking at seven of my favorite movie characters and why I love them. Obviously, movies is a pretty broad category. Most of my characters in this category will be from nerdy fandoms, but some won’t To me, films are a nerdy fandom all their own. I love a good film. I also love a corny film done well. Mostly, I just love movies.

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30Days30Characters: Day 11- Batgirl

This is the last entry for comics week. Starting with my next post, I  will be starting a new theme. I have enjoyed putting these all together over the last week. Life has been hectic, and this weekend I had a few things that happened that threw the whole thing off. I am trying to correct that and hopefully I will be back on track for this upcoming week. In any case, here is the entry for day 11.

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30Days30Characters: Day 10- Nightwing

We are officially one-third of the way through the month of november. We have also almost made it through the first full themed week. I have enjoyed putting together this list and highlighting a favorite comics character of mine throughout the week. I thought it would be a good time to highlight what this list is. This is not a  countdown of my all time favorites, so if there was a comics character I didn’t mention this week, it doesn’t mean I don’t like them. It just means they weren’t on this list this year. Maybe we’ll do this again next year.

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30Days30Characters: Day 9-Thor

In comics, it’s not uncommon for creators to take a mythical or legendary figure and turn them into superhero or villain. Hercules and Ares are a couple of examples. These are fun characters, and it is interesting to see how the comic creators tie their ancient stories in with modern lore. It seems like an easy, yet effective way to create a new hero. You have a back story already, a cast of characters, including a main bad guy. It works. None of them have been as successful, though, as today’s character.

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